Thomas CHAREYRE 5 times World Champ with FIVE

Posted by david@ukiyo | Five, Riders

Is it because he knew that he would capture at least 5 world titles in his field that Thomas Chareyre chose, so early on, to entrust his hands to FIVE gloves? It may very well be. Still, the five-time Supermoto World Champion likes to stay in control. On asphalt or on dirt, he works miracles, and he pushes the limits like no one else. Under his wheels, like in the palm of his hands, he needs good grip, and lots of flexibility. You can see why Thomas chose the FIVE SF1. A short sport glove, designed to give ultimate performance, on the road or on the track.


Vidéo : Raphael SAUZE et Arnaud SCIUS / Photo Pub : Antonin GRENIER